Anthony Boobier

Anthony Boobier

Anthony is a master of tactful navigation when it comes to the ups and downs of corporate contexts. He can coach reluctant Agile appointees into a smoothly functioning dream team with his calm, pragmatic approach. He is a certified trainer of Lean Agile Procurement practices. Ant shares his enthusiasm and knowledge as a coach, facilitator and trainer with organisations and teams in Wellington.

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Learning your way to a successful strategy

Feb 09, 2024

I get frustrated when I hear people talk about strategy, and then think they are done when they have come up with a vision and objectives. To me that is a mere platitude. I agree with Richard Rumelt that a good strategy is an “effective mix of thought and action”. Strategy needs both, but it also n... continue reading

Prioritisation in 3 ‘simple’ questions

Nov 20, 2023

There are so many frameworks, tools and techniques for prioritising out there, that it’s tricky to know which one to pick (I see the irony here). As far as I’m concerned, whatever you are prioritising, whether it’s what feature to build for a product, what project to undertake, or what you should st... continue reading

Assumptions Mapping in Procurement

Mar 23, 2023

Assumptions, we all make them; the things that we take to be true without having the evidence to back it up. It can be all too easy, when faced with uncertainty and deadlines, to feel pressured into making quick decisions without that evidence; taking shortcuts by doing things the way we’ve always d... continue reading

Story Mapping agile roles

Nov 21, 2022

The problem: I often struggle with clarifying expectations; where do you start, where do you stop? Teams often end up with too much or too little detail and big gaps in what people actually do. The solution: story map your expectations I wanted something that would give my sessions a structured fr... continue reading

An Above and Below the Line Model

Oct 01, 2022

An Above and Below the Line Model An organization’s culture is expressed through the sum of its language and behaviors. Negative behaviors have a palpable impact on teams and, in turn, the culture in which that team exists; one person belittling a colleague’s idea will make the recipient think again... continue reading

Encourage positive behaviours

Sept 08, 2021

I don’t like the way I have been seeing the term mindset used as an accusation, as a binary assessment that someone is stuck in a way of thinking that they need to be shifted out of. Mindset is not an absolute term. It’s a way of understanding and thinking about something, manifested through behavio... continue reading

An updated Opportunity Canvas

Sept 03, 2020

I’ve updated the Opportunity Canvas by tightening up some of the language and descriptions and renaming the ‘Budget’ section to ‘Constraints’. Budget is a key constraint (how much is this opportunity worth realising or problem worth solving?) but I also find it’s worth explicitly considering others.... continue reading

Scrum 2DVille

Aug 12, 2020

When we create a remote IC Agile course, a key objective is not to compromise on the interactive experience. This can be pretty tricky with some of the hands-on learning exercises we use, but thanks to the recent ‘make everything remote’ situation, we’ve adapted pretty fast! One of the exercises we... continue reading

Measures and Metrics Quadrant

Aug 05, 2020

Measures and metrics can be confusing; what do terms such as Leading, Lagging, Qualitative, and Quantitative even mean? when should you use them and why? It’s very hard to be ‘Data-informed’ in your decision making, if you are not informed yourself, on what these terms mean and how to apply them. I... continue reading

What is Business Agility?

May 21, 2020

Business Agility is about an organisation’s ability to change and adapt in a complex environment. But what does it mean for a business to be agile and why would they do it? Most definitions dive straight into the what, and how practices can be applied within the organisation, but ‘being Agile’ is no... continue reading

Design Sprint Dinner

Oct 29, 2019

Design Sprints are a great way for a team to solve a big problem and test a solution with real users in a structured way. Some of the activities, language and concepts can be new to people, so I created this ‘Design Sprint Dinner’ exercise, as a fun way to introduce people to some of the concepts of... continue reading

How committed are you...really ?

Jun 25, 2019

“There is a difference between interest and commitment. When you're interested in something, you do it only when it's convenient. When you're committed to something, you accept no excuses, only results.” Ken Blanchard It happens often - something new comes up and it sounds exciting and we totally w... continue reading

Facilitation Canvas

Nov 30, 2018

I created the Facilitation Canvas as a tool to help facilitators prepare to run a session. We use it as part of our ICAgile team facilitator course. The canvas is made up of 8 boxes, each with an associated set of prompt questions that I have found work well as a guide when filling it out.... continue reading

Making Product Development habitual

Feb 12, 2018

Product Development is a mash up of three mindsets; ‘Design Thinking’, ‘Agile’ and ‘Lean’, at the heart of which is empiricism. Continuous product improvement is a cycle of Build-Measure-Learn, where experiments define how rapidly we can get feedback on whether we are making progress. The problem I... continue reading