We work with your teams, leaders, managers or exec to help lift performance, hone practices, embed and support ways of working, and to understand and deliver business value.

We start by creating a coaching plan specific to you - that fits the needs or problem spaces you're facing. We work one-on-one or with teams. Our coaches are your guides, helping to avoid pitfalls and focus on outcomes for your business. Whether it's Agile or things are just plain not quite right - our coaches are the best in the business.



We work alongside you and your teams - at your premises for minimum disruption or remotely for distributed groups. We begin by creating a coaching plan specific to your business, be it one-on-one or working with specific groups. Our coaches are your mentors and guides, helping to avoid pitfalls and taking your Agile abilities to the next level.

They are the best in the business.

Team Coaching

We regularly work with one or more teams within an organisation, helping them to embed the best practices for their context and become independent. If you’ve worked with Agile already but it’s not working as well as it could or you need a refresh, a coach will observe your planning meetings, retrospectives and working habits and will help you master your Agile practices.

Coaching packages

Combining training with ongoing coaching and support is the most effective way to embed new knowledge within your teams. We’re happy to work with you to establish the approach that provides the most value for your business.

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At Nomad8 we’ve worked with large organisations like Spark and Trustpower, through to TradeMe, Xero and Snapper, helping them to embed an Agile mindset and practices throughout their organisation. We work with teams and leaders in person and remotely. If you're interested in Agile coaching get in touch!
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The only team of people I will ever allow to come in and help us, is anyone from Nomad8.