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Individual performance is not relevant

Feb 10, 2020  ·  Sandy Mamoli

The performance of an individual is much less important than you think it is. The way we measure, assess, evaluate and reward individual performance is no longer relevant in the modern workplace. We need to look at different behaviours and skills and instead consider the performance of the team. W... continue reading

Case Study: Self-Selection with Distributed Teams

Jan 22, 2020  ·  Sandy Mamoli

How Travelstart used remote self-selection to create distributed teamsOnly five months after creating cross-functional teams Travelstart, a South African travel booking website, had a change in strategy and needed to rethink their team structure. From previous hackathons the company had experience w... continue reading

Learning to love feedback

Dec 15, 2019  ·  Gavin Coughlan

Feedback is a funny thing. We crave it, get disgruntled if we don’t get it, and often get upset when we do get it. As someone who requests feedback on a relatively frequent basis, I have been on a journey from being a terrible receiver of feedback, to a much less terrible one. It’s something I am al... continue reading

ICAgile Foundations

Explore the big ideas at the heart of Agile

Learn how to manage work efficiently as part of an Agile team and walk away with an ICAgile Professional Certification.

The next course is in Wellington on 20-21 February 2020

Agile Team Facilitator

Discover how to empower and lead truly successful Agile teams

Get hands on learning for a wide variety of facilitation and coaching techniques and become a better Agile facilitator. Agile Team Facilitator is the ICAgile’s version of the Scrum Master Certification.

The next courses are in Auckland 5 & 6 March and Wellington 2 & 3 April

Kanban Systems Design

Learn the fundamentals of the Kanban Method.

Experience Kanban with a simulation game and hands-on exercises to design a Kanban board.

The next courses are in Christchurch 17 & 18 February and Auckland 19 & 20 February

Kanban Management Professional

Gain the knowledge necessary for rollout and daily operation of a Kanban system

Learn how to manage and evolve it over time.

The next course is in Auckland on 24 & 25 February

Creating Great Teams

Creating Great Teams

How Self-Selection Lets People Excel

People are happiest and most productive if they can choose what they work on and who they work with. Self-selecting teams give people that choice. Build well-designed and efficient teams to get the most out of your organisation, with step-by-step instructions on how to set up teams quickly and efficiently. You'll create a process that works for you, whether you need to form teams from scratch, improve the design of existing teams, or are on the verge of a big team re-shuffle.