Your guide to Lean Agile Procurement

Business Agility, Lean Agile Procurement.

Mar 01, 2024  ·  Anthony Boobier

Business Agility

I created this guide with Sarah Blackie, to give an overview of Lean Agile Procurement (LAP), including the 5 core values and 5 core steps that underpin it.

The 5 iterative steps of LAP

LAP is an approach to procure goods or services when there is a high degree of complexity and uncertainty. It’s about finding a trusted partner sooner, by getting internal, then external alignment, then collaboratively building the best possible proposal together, to jointly deliver value sooner, safer, happier.

Your guide to Lean Agile Procurement

Here are resources to get you started on your LAP journey, the LAP overview guide, the Lean Procurement Canvas and the official LAP book by Mirko Kleiner.