Are you Drowning Your Autonomy in Good Intentions?

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Feb 19, 2024  ·  Sandy Mamoli

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We ask our leaders for their trust, support and empathy – and so we should. We rightfully demand to be treated like responsible adults. But are we behaving as such?

In these uncertain and fragile times, we have allowed our employers to become like our 1950s husband: Someone to take care of all our needs – financially, emotionally and socially. In return we have sacrificed our strength, our autonomy and our independence. But is this what we actually want, and how do we redress the balance?

There has been a lot of focus on the experience of employees and teams in these recent times. In this talk, I touch on this from the perspective of how people have changed their relationship with their employers and how we keep looking for “answers in a box”. I share what I have learned from conversations with leaders in three countries, and how they feel about this new and emergent context in the workplace.

Watch my talk from the Øredev conference in Malmø here.

Are you Drowning Your Autonomy in Good Intentions

Watch here.

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