An updated Opportunity Canvas

Business Agility, Product Development.

Sept 03, 2020  ·  Anthony Boobier

Business Agility

I’ve updated the Opportunity Canvas by tightening up some of the language and descriptions and renaming the ‘Budget’ section to ‘Constraints’. Budget is a key constraint (how much is this opportunity worth realising or problem worth solving?) but I also find it’s worth explicitly considering others. These include 'Time' (is there a deadline, what is the urgency?) and 'Technology' (what tools do we need to use?).

This version still tells a 'story' to gain a shared understanding by using the following flow:

  • What's our Goal?
  • What's the Opportunity?
  • How will we approach it?
  • How will we know we are succeeding?

Oh yes and the Canvas has also been made to look more beautiful!

An updated Opportunity Canvas

Enjoy telling your very own Opportunity Canvas story with your team and stakeholders!

Download the Opportunity Canvas V2