The lowdown on JAFAC 2019


Oct 08, 2019  ·  Brenda Leeuwenberg

AHA cards of JAFAC

What is JAFAC?

Born out of a desire to attend a conference full of speakers we really would like to hear from, the Nomad8 team decided to create the event we craved. JAFAC is a relatively small but carefully crafted conference that brings together ten speakers, 120 people, and creates plenty of (OpenSpace) space for conversations.

We deliberately select speakers who are not on the typical Agile circuit, who will speak about technology, or culture, or leadership, or business, or whatever is keeping them up at night. We look for people who will inspire us and the people who come along, who might provoke and challenge, or provide insights we didn't know we needed.

So how was it this year?

At the beginning of September we ran our fourth JAFAC event. After running the last three in Auckland we decided to try it this time in Wellington. Despite the freezing cold and driving rain, the event was hugely successful.

Aside from the new location we also changed things around by having morning speakers and afternoon OpenSpace. This meant people could elaborate on what they'd heard about in the morning, and some great conversations were sparked throughout both days.

You can find out more about the program here.

Agile Alliance NZ’s Shane Hastie undertook the mammoth task of summarising it all so that I don't have to ... he’s published two great articles on InfoQ here and here.

Our very own Sam Laing has blogged her talk here. She subsequently gave this talk as a Keynote at Agile Prague.

Some really interesting themes of leadership, ethics and social good emerged this year, and these were explored further in various OpenSpace sessions each day.

We’d really like to thank Wellington for being so welcoming and creating a great vibe for the conference this year, and the people of Wellington who came along, the Agile Alliance NZ for their support, and of course our wonderful speakers.

So how was your #JAFAC?

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