Just Another F&#k!ng Agile Conference​

BizDojo Tory St, Wellington, 5-6 Sept 2019

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What is #JAFAC?

It’s a conference and an unconference. It’s mix of speakers and Open Space sessions, where you set the agenda and the conversation takes a deep dive into the key topics and issues that you want to talk about. It’s about exploring Agile. Pushing the boundaries of where Agile can be. In different industries, and across organisations. Looking inside and outside the realm of technology and seeing where there are possibilities.

Nine hand-picked (by us) inspiring speakers from a variety of industries and backgrounds, each with something interesting to say. Engaging conversations and delightful interactions.

This is a small conference. But we know the impact will be huge.

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Who is it for?

For creatives, for innovators, for Agile practitioners. For people who want to make a difference, for disruptors and do-ers. For people who are into redesigning organisations, growing great teams, expanding horizons, solving meaty problems, and reinventing the future. For leaders and thinkers and curious minds.

It’s NOT for boring people, people who want to ask 'so what is Agile?' or people who want to sell something.

Who is it for?

What's in it for me?

You get to spend a couple of days indulging in Agile geekery, in learning new things and challenging all the things. You get to hang with like-minded people - and hang with different-minded people. You’ll get new ideas and inspiration and hear different perspectives. You’ll make new friends and rediscover old ones.

Who's Speaking?

Nine awesome people! We tap into our vast and amazing local talent, with an Australian or two added into the mix. We bring together people who have fascinating stories to tell and ideas to share.

The range of speakers will help to extend the boundaries of our thinking, and to cross pollinate with different industries and disciplines. We've tapped into the people we really want to hear from, and we're sharing this with you.

We had overwhelmingly positive feedback about the diversity of speakers for our previous editions of #JAFAC. We are bringing more of the same wonder to #JAFAC 2019!

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Thursday 5th September

8:15 Registration
9:00 Welcome
9:15 Bron Thomsen
9:50 Hiria Te Rangi
10:45 Nigel Dalton
11:20 Ruth Brown
12:30 Vanessa Oakley
13:30 Open Space Kick off
14:00 First session
14:30 Second session
15:20 Third session
16:00 Drinks

Friday 6th September

9:00 Welcome and Recap
9:15 Charlotte Walshe
9:50 Sonya Williams
10:45 James Magill
11:20 Sam Laing
12:30 Sandy Davey
13:30 Open Space First Session
14:00 Second Session
14:30 Third Session
15:20 Fourth Session
16:00 Close and Summing Up

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​You can sign up now to secure your place, and we'll update you with details as they become available.

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