Sandy Mamoli

Sandy Mamoli

One of NZ’s leading Agile coaches, Sandy is an accomplished presenter, published book author and former Olympic athlete. A force of positive energy, Sandy is hands-on, no-nonsense and steeped in Agile. She’s the co-author of “Creating Great Teams – How Self-Selection Lets People Excel” (Pragrog, 2015).

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Articles by Sandy

Just Another F&#k!ng Agile Conference - We did it!

Apr 29, 2016

So, we (Nomad8) are now the proud creators of #JAFAC - just a another fk!ng Agile conference, which we ran for the first time on April 22nd and 23rd at GridAKL. It was a conference and an unconference. A day of speakers followed by some food, drinks, music and conversation. Then a day of Open-space,... continue reading

Personal Kanban as an Organisational Lens

Apr 19, 2016

One of the most useful tools when introducing Agile into an organisation is personal Kanban. It gives me unique insights into an organisation's culture and values, and helps me determine my next steps. As an Agile coach, the process of getting people into personal Kanban facilitates insights into ho... continue reading

Case Study: How the Property Tribe Self-Selected into Teams

Apr 11, 2016

Guest post by: Zhi Lee, Trade Me Property Delivery Manager. We’re very thankful that Trade Me as an organisation allows employees to select teams and themes they’d like to work on, on a regular basis. It’s something we try to do twice a year in Trade Me Property. Now, it’s a huge leap of faith to ba... continue reading

Squadify with Self-Selecting Teams (Pragmatic Bookshelf Article)

Mar 20, 2016

"No one had ever done this on the scale we were contemplating. Could it possibly work?" Fast growth has a way of forcing organizational change on a business, but it also presents opportunities to try new ways of working. When Trade Me, New Zealand’s biggest e-commerce provider, hit a new level of gr... continue reading

Creating Great Teams - 5 Questions About Self-Selection

Dec 01, 2015

Our book "Creating Great Teams - How Self Selection Lets People Excel" was published with Pragmatic Bookshelf last week. Yesterday, the first paper copies arrived.A picture of the calm and collected authors (David Mole and me). Here's me explaining self-selection at Agile Africa 2016 in less than 2... continue reading

Benchmarking performance across organisations

Jul 29, 2015

A problem we were facing recently was that our teams perceived their own progress as not being fast enough and were developing a sense that they were not performing well. Sometimes it is useful to know how productive we are as an organisation and how our teams compare to teams in other companies. A... continue reading

Self-Selection in 90 Minutes: MYOB Case Study

Jun 23, 2015

Self-selection helps Agile teams pick themselves. And it’s spreading: Since we shared our Self-Selection kit in May 2014 we have heard about successful Self-Selection events from companies from all over the world. Read our interview with MYOB’s Simon Bristow and Alex Barreto, and find out how they m... continue reading

The Rathole Facilitation Technique

May 04, 2015

Urban dictionary: rat-hole To digress in an extensive way. To divert the conversation to a topic that is not only unrelated to the topic at hand, but a topic that will likely have no immediate resolution either. As a facilitator of a group discussion, a conversation or a workshop session it is impor... continue reading

How We Measure Work Happiness 

Mar 29, 2015

Recently, someone from the small but perfectly shaped nation of Iceland asked me the following question: “When watching your InfoQ talk on portfolio Kanban I noticed that you talked about measuring autonomy, mastery, and purpose as they are defined by Daniel Pink. I have been searching the web for a... continue reading

How to Run a Sprint Planning Meeting (the Way I Like It)

Mar 19, 2015

This is a sample agenda for a sprint planning meeting. Depending on your context you will have to change the details, just make sure the outcomes stay the same. Meeting purpose: Plan and prepare for the upcoming sprint Meeting duration: ca. 1 hour for a 2 week sprint (it will be less if you’re an ex... continue reading

Case Study: Large Scale Self-Selection at Australia Post

Mar 04, 2015

Inspired by our squadification event, Australia Post set out to try self-selection for themselves. 60 people were asked to figure out who should be in which team and choose who they wanted to work with. Read our interview with Andy Kelk, Australia Post's Head of Technology for Digital Mailbox, who m... continue reading

Deep tissue massage retrospective

Jan 22, 2015

Even with high performing teams sometimes there are common themes coming up again and again in each retrospective. Much like a tight spot in a muscle that keeps lingering around (until we get a good massage) those issues keep coming back until we pay them enough attention to make them disappear. Use... continue reading

My Portfolio Kanban Talk on InfoQ

Nov 15, 2014

My Agile Australia and Agile 2014 talk "Portfolio Kanban - Seeing the Bigger Picture" just got published on InfoQ. In this talk I explain how you can use Portfolio Kanban to reduce Work in Progress (WIP) by prioritising projects, focusing on the important rather than urgent ones. And if you'd like t... continue reading

What do Scrum Masters and Product Owners do?

Oct 27, 2014

It can be easy to forget what a Product Owner or Scrum Master actually do. A poster with a role description can come in handy so, based on popular demand, here are the beautifully designed ones we use at Trade Me. Download the pdf version here. Download the pdf version here. I hope they'll look a... continue reading

Portfolio Kanban - Seeing the Bigger Picture

Sep 28, 2014

Doing too many things at once can slow an entire organisation down. Every successful organisation will have more great ideas than they have capacity to build, and it is tempting to start too many of them at the same time. Too many projects in projects will slow overall delivery and create comments f... continue reading