Paulius Tuzikas

Paulius Tuzikas

Paulius brings his experience in product management and Agile coaching to help teams improve, experiment and work towards delivering value continuously. He is passionate about personal development and is a co-author of the personal growth framework for Agile Coaches.


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Saying farewell to a team member

Dec 11, 2019

I’ve seen more than 100 people leaving their companies and teams in the last 5 years. Sometimes they go to chase exciting challenges, get promoted or they're just looking for something new. Unfortunately when someone leaves the knowledge that they've created and gained leaves the organisation as we... continue reading

Lessons Learned from 100+ Retrospectives

Apr 23, 2019

There is a magical moment where a team gathers together to pause ‘business as usual’ and has a conversation to reflect on teamwork. It’s called a Retrospective. If done well, it helps to take a step forward. But a poorly held Retrospective is just another meeting that anyone barely wants to go to. O... continue reading