Anthony Boobier

Anthony Boobier

Anthony brings calm pragmatism to a project team. Tactfully navigating the ups and downs of corporate ridiculousness, Anthony can coach reluctant Agile appointees into a smoothly functioning dream team. He genuinely loves Lean UX.

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Impact Mapping team objectives

Apr 05, 2016

I was asked to facilitate a session with a team of systems analysts who wanted to set their objectives for the next 6 months. This was a group of people who spent a large portion of their time embedded within project delivery teams. I wanted to use an approach that could address a number of question... continue reading

Profiling what motivates a team

Dec 05, 2014

I recently worked with a team of content writers, where we had introduced Kanban to help with the flow and consistency of delivery. The cycle time of work had reduced, but it was still high and as a team they seemed a little flat. They knew ‘what’ they were doing as individuals, but not the context... continue reading

Juvenile agile maturity models

Sep 11, 2014

I have a problem where Agile maturity and benchmarking models are used for comparison of where a team should be in their agile practices adoption; a one size fits all approach where teams must conform or they aren’t doing ‘agile right’. This approach is a fixed repeatable answer that conveniently ig... continue reading

Postcards (from the edge)

Oct 09, 2013

... or Team Closure within a Project Closure Why? Projects come to an end, which means that a team that has been working closely together, may well be torn apart. This can lead to a sense of loss associated with disbanding some strong team relationships; especially if the team has reached the fourth... continue reading

Splitting a User Story along Acceptance Criteria

Oct 27, 2012

When breaking down a large user story to ensure it is sized appropriately, the default is to use Richard Lawrence’s excellent 9 Patterns for splitting a user story. I also use an additional approach; in the first instance I look to see whether it can be split along its acceptance criteria. Every goo... continue reading