Agile Team Facilitation

We’ll introduce you to a wide variety of facilitation and coaching techniques – and help you become a superior Agile Team Facilitator. Team Facilitator is the ICAgile’s version of the Scrum Master Certification.

Agile Team Facilitation

Get hands on learning for a wide variety of facilitation and coaching techniques and become a better Agile Team Facilitator

Discover how to empower and lead truly successful Agile teams—and take your career as Scrum Master, Agile team facilitator, delivery lead, project manager or team leader to the next level.

In this fast-paced course, you’ll develop a toolkit to coach, facilitate and lead your team more effectively. Get the skills to design and lead more productive workshops and meetings. Find out how you can better support your team members to reach their goals and objectives—while helping them reach their potential through continuous improvement of their Agile processes.

ICAgile Team Facilitation

Next course will be held online 4, 5, 11, 12 May from 9am to 12.30pm each day

Learning outcomes

- Facilitate Agile meetings and workshops so that they’re purposeful and effective
- Work with people and teams to apply the concepts and values of the Agile mindset
- Help your team collaborate effectively and truly self-organise
- Act as a servant leader guiding your team towards continuous improvement
- Choose the right facilitation techniques and tools for any context

Course Outline

- What makes a great Agile Team Facilitator
- Delivering great feedback
- Team lift-off techniques
- Core protocols for team engagement and decision making
- Designing great meetings
- When things go wrong
- You as the facilitator
- Facilitating real Agile meetings


What people say

Hear from the people who've attended this course.


“I just wanted to pass on that our PartsTrader guys had great feedback on the course last week – they got heaps out of it and said the facilitation from you and David was great. They’ve come back to work re-energised and ready to put a lot of new ideas in to practice which is a fantastic outcome for us”

Lauren Cross, Projects Manager

LIC (Livestock Improvement)

“Just spent the last 2 days with Sandy Mamoli and David Mole facilitating a group of like minded people in an Agile Facilitators course at work. Thank you so much guys for taking the trip to see us! Such an awesome course and so inspiring. It’s meeting awesome people like this that make me love my job.”

Margie Clark, Scrum Master


“This course was well-designed, well run, practical and fun. The instructors know their stuff, are adaptive to the group and create a great collaborative experience. Even as an experienced facilitator I came away with some useful new techniques and a deeper understanding of agile team facilitation.”

Rebecca Speirs, Consultant Business Analyst

Orion Health

“Would you put up with poorly facilitated meetings if it was your money? No? So do something about it. Choose Nomad8’s ICAgile Facilitation Course, it’s fun, effective and well worth it.”

Colin Basterfield, Delivery Coach