Agile Coaching

For the best results, we work alongside you at your place.

We start by creating a coaching plan specific to you, be it one-on-one or working with your teams. Our coaches are your guides, helping to avoid pitfalls and taking your Agile practices to the next level. They are the best in the business.

Agile Coaching


We work alongside you and your teams - at your premises for minimum disruption. We begin by creating a coaching plan specific to your business, be it one-on-one or working with specific groups. Our coaches are your mentors and guides, helping to avoid pitfalls and taking your Agile abilities to the next level.

They are the best in the business.

Team Coaching

We regularly work with one or more teams within an organisation, helping them to embed the best practices for their context and become independent.

If you’ve worked with Agile already but it’s not working as well as it could or you need a refresh, a coach will observe your planning meetings, retrospectives and working habits and will help you master your Agile practices.

In addition to the regular sprint retrospectives, teams should periodically look at the big picture and assess their vision and goals, then plan for continuous improvement. We’re happy to facilitate release and project retrospectives and take your teams on a journey to plan their futures.

Agile Execs. Agile Board.

For an organisation to be truly Agile, its executives and Board need to understand the value of an Agile mindset. We’ll work with your executives to immerse them in its values and principles so they can fully support the teams that will use Agile to stay ahead of the competition.

Coaching packages

Combining training with ongoing coaching and support is the most effective way to embed new knowledge within your teams. We’re happy to work with you to establish the approach that provides the most value for your business.

Team lift-off

For those taking the first steps on the Agile journey, we have a week-long kick-start programme that is a mix of training and coaching. For more advanced teams and individuals, we also provide more in-depth individual coaching and team lift-offs.

Project Inception

Before you start your first Agile project, it’s important to have a shared understanding of both step-by-step goals and clearly defined outcomes. We’ll help you begin your project with an Agile Project Inception to guide you from idea to first planned release. Our inception workshops draw from the world’s best design thinking, UX, service design, Agile, product ownership and systems intelligence.

Getting started with Agile

We’ll take your teams through the ICAgile Fundamentals training, then follow though with a coordinated coaching plan to get them light on their feet – and help them stay there.