Podcast: High-Performing Agile Teams

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May 20, 2024  ·  Sandy Mamoli

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Podcast: High-Performing Agile Teams

Join Vitaliy Lyoshin and me in this podcast episode we explore the world of high-performing agile teams!

We discuss how teams can achieve high performance and success through behaviours, shared history, and self-selection.

Here are some key takeaways:

✔️Agile teams thrive on a shared goal, mutual dependency, and a collective history.

✔️Team behaviours—like sensing and responding, gathering feedback, and adapting—are essential for true agility.

✔️ Measuring team performance is challenging and varies by context; learning and inspiration through team comparisons are more effective.

✔️Designing teams should focus on self-selection and allow time for growth into high performance.

✔️Overcoming challenges in Agile implementation involves emphasizing ownership, and continuous learning.

✔️Organizations and leaders should engage in open conversations with teams, actively listen to their perspectives, and understand their challenges.

Listen to Sandy & Via discuss high-performance agile teams