Nomad8 highlights of 2012

Jan 04, 2013  ·  Sandy Mamoli

It is the time of year for winding down and reflecting on things before heading off to the beach for some BBQ-ing, drinking of things and general relaxing. So we wanted to thank you for your custom and support for 2012, wish you all the best for 2013 and share some of our reflections (we can share drinks and BBQs too, but that comes later).

We have had a few highlights in 2012:

  • The addition of Anthony Boobier and Mike Lowery to the team means we now have a veritable clique (or clan, suite, gaggle, set .. ?) of coaches bringing Agile and Lean goodness to the enlightened companies of Wellington.

  • We launched Kanbanfor1 boards as a desktop personal productivity solution and they’ve been flying out the door. Now we are seeing increased interest in managing workflow with a more zen and less chaotic approach - from companies and individuals all over the world.
    If you don’t have yours yet they’d make a great new year's planning tool.

  • Sandy has been presenting about the evils of multitasking - at Agile 2012 in Texas, and at numerous conferences and gatherings in NZ.

  • We have courses! Courses for professionals and for people who are looking to take their Agile practice to the next level. More info about that here.

  • We updated our website and made it all pretty. Our blog now has an extensive range of information and articles from Sandy, Mike, Anthony and Brenda - about Agile, Lean and Kanban as well a bit of mobile reviewing.

  • We have been majorly involved in AgileWelly and Agile Tuesdays.

It’s been a pleasure to work, eat, drink coffee and wine, coach, discuss and get to know you over the past year. Once again thank you, and have a wonderful New Year.

From the Nomad8 team

Sandy Mamoli, Mike Lowery, Anthony Boobier and Brenda Leeuwenberg