How to Use a Meme to Increase Collaboration and Understanding

Aug 30, 2017  ·  Sandy Mamoli

Empathy is a good thing and understanding what your colleagues actually do can be a very useful boost to collaboration. When we work in cross-functional teams or with people from other parts of the organisation it is helpful to get an understanding of what they do, how they can contribute and what we can expect of them.

This is where the internet meme workshop comes in. I originally ran it with NZ On Screen where we had a team of writers, lawyers, copyright experts, managers and developers. It was the perfect way for us to understand more about each other's jobs and how we could help each other.

This session works best for wider teams that include more than just an agile squad.

Images from the internet meme site.

Internet meme workshop

  • Purpose: Get a better understanding of other people’s work.

  • When: Any time, great for starting new teams or new projects.

  • Who: Everyone involved in your work/project: team members, legal, copy writers, marketing, etc

  • Duration: 10 - 15 minutes to draw, then 5 minutes per participant

How To:


Ask:Remember this internet meme?”

Then show people a printout of the sample memes below.

“Well, guess what, now it’s your turn!”


  1. Grab a piece of paper and a pen

  2. Draw your job (10-15 minutes)

  3. Present your drawing to your colleagues

Here’s a downloadable template for your drawings:

Download a copy here: Meme Template

Enjoy! :-)

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