Happy New Year from Nomad8

Dec 16, 2015  ·  Brenda Leeuwenberg

Thank you for being part of our extended whanau, friends and partners this past year!

We’ve had a hugely busy and exciting year and we thought we’d jump on the newsletter bandwagon and tell you about a few of the things we’ve been doing.

Nomads Emigrate, Immigrate and Migrate

In February we moved our base to Auckland, seeking the sunshine and beaches and hoping for a less breezy existence. We are loving it! We still travel south regularly though, and we have a few people on the ground in Wellington who are keen to continue spreading Agile goodness through the Government and business worlds.

Early this year we farewelled Mike Lowery who has moved to Canada to find his fame and fortune. Last month we welcomed Jimmy Janlén and Therése Ressel from Sweden - in true European fashion they’ve come for ‘the nature’ and fallen a bit in love with Kiwi life. We benefit hugely from their experience and look forward to sharing that with the Agile community next year.

In July David Mole joined the team not only as an Agile Coach but also as a Director. That puts Sandy and David in charge of “making shit happen” … watch this space!

The fun (work) stuff

Our world domination plans have kicked off, as we worked through some “Agile for Agencies” challenges with We Love Digital in the UK, and Young & Rubicam in Antwerp. Closer to home we’re working with a range of exciting companies across Auckland, Wellington and Tauranga.

If you’re looking for some interesting Agile conferences to go to next year, we have presented at Agile 201x in the US and Agile Australia for the last few years and can highly recommend you travel with us this year. Get in touch if you’re keen.

We’ve also expanded our training options - in the new year we will be offering ICAgile certification in Agile Immersion and Agile Team Facilitation as well as workshops on Personal Productivity, Self-Selection and Traits of an Agile Culture. In fact we’ll be running an Agile Immersion (ICAgile Certified Professional) and an Agile Team Facilitation course in February - if you’re interested in either of those, let us know and we’ll send you the details.

We’re authors!

Most excitingly, Sandy and David published a book! If you haven’t yet been spammed through every social media channel you’re on, then this Newsletter is your intro to “Creating Great Teams: How Self Selection Lets People Excel”. It’s THE stocking filler for the Manager/Developer/CEO who has everything, or for anyone who wants to make their business more efficient and their people happier.

You can buy your copy directly from the publisher Pragmatic Bookshelf or from Amazon.com

If you or your friends already have a book, then a Personal Kanbanfor1 board is just the thing - give the gift of streamlined productivity, task visibility and being in control. Now in smooth laminated form for people on the move :)

Growing great kiwis

Nomad8 was a key sponsor for Summer of Tech this year. We ran a series of workshops and full day immersion courses for the students and we were really impressed with the skills, abilities and attitude of the participants. They seemed to enjoy themselves as well!

“... 2 of my interviewees credited the scrum training as the highlight of SoT. They gave tangible examples of what they learned, how it's changed their approach to projects, and (my favourite) Emily reports she is on a team project with 3 (male) engineers, and is implementing agile without telling them what it is... they love the "postit note board thing" and all the "short checking in meetings"! [...] the value of these sessions has blown my (already high) expectations right out of the water!”

Ruth McDavitt, CEO, Summer of Tech

Also we were happy to support Plunket by supplying Kanbanfor1 boards for their team earlier this year. Hopefully they can now continue to do their great work even more efficiently. I have distributed them to the team, and they are really pleased to be using them. It is already making a big difference in the sense of control we have over our (sometimes pretty epic) workloads! Humungous thank yous! We are very grateful for this awesome donation and gesture of support – it makes a big difference for our team.

Briar Edmonds, Internal Communications Advisor, Plunket

We're hooked up

Earlier this year we also partnered up with Redvespa, the home of Business Analysis. In addition to being great people we see real benefits from the opportunities to collaborate and work together. You’ll see more about this in the new year.

Happy New Year!

And so that’s our news for 2015. Thanks for coming on the journey with us.

We wish you and yours a fantastic holiday and New Year break. See you in 2016!


The Nomad8 Team