Team Health Checks

A health check is like an assessment of your team's work processes. They help to identify what's working well, where there's room for improvement, and to see how things are really going. It's a chance to make sure everything is running smoothly - get your teams future fit and working on the important stuff.

Team Health Checks

An Agile health check for your teams

Our expert coaches will work with your teams to take a close look at all the moving parts of your ways of working processes, from how your team communicates to how you prioritise and plan your work.

Team Health Check
With the help of our experienced coaches you'll get a clear picture of what's going great and where there's room to grow. And the best part? You'll walk away with a plan for making positive changes and taking your teams' work to the next level.

We will provide honest feedback, real recommendations and data which can be used to monitor your journey towards high performance.
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We rolled out our reworked SDLC over the past couple of months with really great results. I think we've addressed pretty much all the issues that you had identified. Your report was a big driver for everyone, and acted as a catalyst, so really happy wit the result!