Agile Australia

Mon, Oct 17, 2022 — Tue, Oct 18, 2022 · 12:00am - 11:59pm

AgileAus unites those exploring an ‘Agile’ approach under the broad umbrella of better ways of working with an abundance of formal and informal learning opportunities. While Agile started in tech, it is wonderful to see and learn from its adoption in a myriad of settings. AgileAus celebrates the small autonomous team, working together on the smallest chunk of work to deliver customer value through continuous feedback and experimentation. Any flavour of Agile at its heart, empowers individuals, teams and organisations to embrace change.

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Sandy Mamoli

Sandy Mamoli is a former Olympian, international keynote speaker on Collaboration, High-Performance and Individual Team Skills. She is the co-author of „Creating Great Teams – How Self-Selection Lets People Excel“.