Scott Nepia

Scott Nepia

Scott is a passionate advocate for the Agile team. His experience as a business analyst and scrum-master makes him an ideal coach. He has a great instinct for what the team needs and loves to see that knowledge and enthusiasm spread within his clients.

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Where it all began

Scott set out into the working world as a bright-eyed Business Analyst. Fortunately his world was an enlightened one and he was able to work in cross-functional teams and develop his understanding and expertise with Agile. He made his way to the iconic TradeMe where he developed further as an agilist and evolved into the Agile Coach role.

There was a time when teaching self-defense was Scott’s chosen career (not too dissimilar from an Agile Coach really), but thankfully he segued into Agile and never looked back. Scott made the wise choice to coach people and teams, and now uses his skills to teach and guide people and teams towards better ways of working. He strives to bring fun to what he does, for himself and the teams he works with.

What he does

Scott has worked with a variety of organisations, helping them with team and organisational challenges. He has an enviable ability to influence teams of people, leading them to continuously improve performance. Practically he does this by coaching, teaching, and training people with a focus on team development, product ownership and facilitation.

According to Scott he “has never had a bad experience with a team”. He can find gold and joy in any situation. He has a fantastic ability to form relationships and create rapport with groups, making it possible to drive change in challenging situations in any organisation. Scott genuinely loves helping people and is able to drive continuous improvement by creating environments where teams are motivated and can thrive.

Happy teams contribute to a healthy business. Scott doesn’t lose sight of a teams remit - to deliver value as quickly as possible to the customer with the business always in mind.

Articles by Scott

The Lack of Trust Problem

Mar 04, 2022

I often think I'm the luckiest person to be able to do what I do. I get to work with the smartest folk and solve gnarly problems with different teams. I get to help people do their best work together. What’s not to like? But when your job is to try and help people change the way they work, sometime... continue reading