Gavin Coughlan

Gavin Coughlan

Gavin is the ultimate Agile Coach. He's been in, alongside and in charge of many teams. This grounding in practice has led to a love of helping people to build the right thing at the right time, whilst feeling purposeful and fulfilled along the way. His coaching and training style is engaging and full of laughter and learning. Working with organisations this way is what gets him up in the morning, well, along with buying records.

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Where it all began

Gavin started his tech journey in Ireland when he fell in love with the potential of the Internet at the tail end of the 90s.

He pivoted from a career in finance and managed to land a role as frontend developer in one of Ireland’s first ISPs. He continued in similar roles when he moved to New Zealand in 2004, and over 10 years was an integral part of development teams working across a huge array of different industries. This taught him a lot about what helps build great teams and software, and of course what hampers that.

When a team he was working with discovered and embedded Agile ways of working in 2007, it was a breath of fresh air. What felt right to him instinctively was spelt out in the values and principles, and when the businesses he worked for depended on motivated teams consistently delivering value; Agile had a lot of the answers that made that possible.

It became clear to Gavin that helping set teams and companies up for success was what made him want to get out of bed in the morning; more than being a developer ever did. He became a full-time Agile Coach in 2010, and soon after began running courses and helping companies on their Agile journeys.

His last role before joining Nomad8 was Agile and Culture Lead at one of New Zealand’s leading web development agencies.

This was a huge learning experience in terms of how to maintain a successful business, and leadership’s role in creating an environment where Agile can flourish. He brings this breadth of experience to all the work he does with Nomad8.

Gavin has been co-organiser for several meetups in New Zealand (Business Agility Wellington, Agile Welly and the Agile Coaching Circle), spoken at a number of Agile events (including Agile 2016 in Atlanta), and feels more passionate about helping individuals, teams and companies do the best work of their lives as each day passes.

What he does

Gavin works across a range of organisations both short-term and long-term. Sometimes designing and facilitating a one-off workshop is all that’s asked of him, and sometimes you’ll find him supporting large transformations spanning months.

He believes that a great coach focuses on the system, involving people from the team level to leadership and everything in between.

Gavin is an ICAgile certified trainer and runs both the Agile Foundations and Agile Team Facilitator courses with Nomad8.

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