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Nomad8 is a boutique agile consultancy based in New Zealand. We were founded in 2007 and you can find us in Auckland and Wellington.

Agile Coaching

A coach can save you time, money and the unnecessary stress and frustration that can come from introducing new processes into your organisation. For the best results we work alongside you on site. We’ll make a coaching plan with you and get you started on your Agile journey. The coach will be your friendly guide who helps you avoid the most common pitfalls.

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We provide a range of in-house training to assist you and your Agile teams as well as IC Agile Certification for Agile Fundamentals, Agile Team Facilitation and more. Our trainers are all active Agile practitioners and we tailor each course to suit your situation. If you’d like to find out more, please get in touch.

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KanbanFor1 and other goodies

Kanban is a way of managing your productivity, reducing the stress of doing too many things at once, and generally approaching your day in an organised an effective manner. A Kanbanfor1 board is a tool for making this possible. Get yours here!

Or or pick up one of the books we have authored and a set of planning poker cards.

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Who we are

Simply put, Nomad8 is a home for consultants. But it’s a pretty special model—a unique organisation of like-minded and passionate people working together, for themselves and for each other.

One of NZ’s leading Agile coaches, Sandy is an accomplished presenter, published book author and former Olympic athlete. A force of positive energy, Sandy is hands-on, no-nonsense and steeped in Agile. She’s the co-author of “Creating Great Teams – How Self-Selection Lets People Excel” (Pragrog, 2015).

Agile Coach, trainer and presenter, book author and all round great guy. David brings a fresh and fun approach to coaching and facilitation. He often loses on the football pitch, wins at poker tables and takes every opportunity to injure himself creatively. He’s the co-author of “Creating Great Teams – How Self-Selection Let’s People Excel” (Pragrog, 2015).

Rob Dongol

Rob works with product teams and across entire organisations, helping clients discover a way of working that best suits them. He’s passionate about about flying small planes and the organisational power of Portfolio Kanban.

Richard Scott-Will-Harknett

Richard is an optimistic pragmatist. For him it’s about just doing what it takes to create a more effective environment to sustainably deliver great outcomes. He’s applied his free range approach in start-ups through to multinationals. He believes the “3Cs” refer to: cakes, coffee and conversation…

Anthony brings calm pragmatism to a project team. Tactfully navigating the ups and downs of corporate ridiculousness, Anthony can coach reluctant Agile appointees into a smoothly functioning dream team. He genuinely loves Lean UX.

A Digital Strategist with a strong agency background, Brenda is stealthily integrating Agile into the creative sector.

Tony uses his background in development to bridge the gap between IT and the rest of the business. He’s an Agile coach and facilitator who’s not afraid to address dysfunction, but always brings positivity and a sense of fun to his work. He is a terrible ukulele player.

Sandra Davey

Sandra has a deep love of product management. She mashes agile, lean and new ways of working with passion, humour and pragmatism to help sort out the mess created when digital products haven’t been thought about holistically. She’s based in Sydney, is our first Aussie member to the Team and we fondly call her Sandy II.

Shirley Tricker

Shirley is an Agile coach and facilitator with experience in a range of IT roles and a desire to help people to be adaptable and fulfilled at work. She’s an active contributor to the Tech community, organising conferences, mentoring and volunteering.

Nick White

Nick is an agile product coach who helps teams create tech products and services that their customers love. Believing that people are often better than they know, he guides teams through setting a clear, worthy product vision, goals, and quick-learning experiments. In his free time, Nick loves adventuring outdoors with his young daughter Mia, and running up and down hills like a goat.

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