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Sandy moved to NZ in 2007 (for a brief trial period) and has been living in Wellington and Auckland ever since. From working with Sony Ericsson’s global enterprise website in Amsterdam and Copenhagen to being one of NZ’s leading Agile coaches, Sandy brings her practical European flair and passionate advocacy of all things Agile to NZ businesses.

Her successful coaching of the geeks at Trade Me saw her helping to also transform the wider organisation into a fully functioning Agile enterprise. Together they have made ground-breaking in-roads into integrating Agile across the business, introducing cross-team efficiencies and vastly improving the ‘getting shit done’ measures. Not to mention co-inventing (with David Mole) and successfully running the world’s largest self-selecting squadification!

From the creative chaos of NZ On Screen to the slightly less wild and whimsical BNZ and the corridors of Snapper and Weta, Sandy has coached, taught and presented the Agile way to individuals and teams. She’s a former Olympian, a geek, a gadget junkie and emerging triathlete. She knows quite a lot about Agile.

What clients say about Sandy
If you’d like to talk to our clients about their experience of working with Sandy and Nomad8, we will be happy to facilitate that. Here are a few things they’ve already shared with us:

“Sandy became so much more then just a coach to myself and many others during her time at Trade Me. She became part of the family and for many of us she not only taught us how to become agile experts, she encouraged our passion for working with great teams and building products that we are proud of.
Sandy encourages experimentation at all opportunities and is just as much student as she is coach, learning and sharing with everyone along the journey.
With her help Trade Me now enjoys an environment where we openly discuss problems and opportunities, we are more experimental and innovative, we take more calculated risks and everyone is encouraged to challenge thinking. She did what others had failed to do and managed to get the buy-in of some sceptical senior managers as well as those of us who struggled to understand how introducing agile practices could improve the job we were doing.
I’m happy to call Sandy a friend and a mentor and any business who is lucky enough to work with her will quickly understand why she is an internationally respected agile expert and valuable coach.”

Megan Linton, Product Manager of Trade Me Property, December 2014

“At SilverStripe we clearly have a before and after Sandy. She created a massive positive impact on how we run Agile. Now we’re delivering faster and better projects with leaner teams and processes. Personally she gave me great insights on how to run design with SCRUM. Definitely a great agile coach”

Felipe Skroski, Design Director, Silverstripe, March 26, 2012

“At Snapper we decided we wanted to change the way we developed applications. Agile seemed like a good fit for us, but we had no idea where to start – then we found Sandy! Sandy has helped understand what Agile is, assessed our skills, tailored a specific programme to get us performing at a consistent level, and coached us so that we do in fact perform. She’s left us so she can help others – I can recommend Sandy for any organisation that realises it needs to learn from an expert in Agile, and wants to be coached by the best. I sincerely hope that Snapper’s competitors don’t engage Sandy as they’ll know our secret now….”

Miki Szikszai, CEO, Snapper, September 5, 2011

If you ever get the chance to sit down and grab coffee with Sandy, do it. Before you know it any ideas you had will be better formed, problems will have solved themselves, and it probably will have stopped raining. The first two I’ll put down to Sandy’s extraordinary ability to listen and communicate, the last may be coincidence.

As an agile coach, Sandy will load you with good information, tailored advice and metaphor after metaphor until you’re able to simultaneously conceive your team as a ship, your release schedule as a bus and your sprint as a casual jog (they all seem appropriate at the time). That may seem a bit confusing, but I assure you it is in fact quite the opposite. She made learning this foreign process simple, fun and engaging.
Despite all the metaphors and good advice you’ll probably still trip up and land on your behind – as Sandy’s coaching is quite non intrusive and lets you make your own mistakes. When you do fall over, though, she’s able to quickly identify where things went wrong and offer intelligent suggestions how you can prevent them repeating.

I can’t write too much more as she was only with us for two months before being snapped up elsewhere. However, she made a great impact during that short time and was able to effectively instill a new way of thinking in our team. She should definitely be at the top of your list of company for consumption of caffeine.”

Andrew McKenzie, Analyst Programmer, BNZ, January 23, 2011

I can’t recommend Sandy highly enough. Sandy is an excellent communicator and listener, is passionate about what she does and most importantly really knows her stuff.
I had looked into agile previous to the workshop, but the workshop really opened my eyes as to WHY you go through the processes you go through. It forced me to keep questioning my current process of thinking as a person from a developer background and try and see the business case for each thing we do.”

Jason Barnes,CTO, Daemon, May 18, 2011

Sandy Mamoli