Training to be Agile

Getting started with Agile is easy. We take your teams through the ICAgile Fundamentals training, then follow through with a concentrated plan to keep them on track.

Nomad8 training courses are renown for being engaging, interactive and fun, as well as packed full of Agile goodness across all levels. From Agile Foundations to Team Facilitation, Product Ownership to Agile for Execs; all our training courses are run in-house and we can schedule them on demand anywhere in New Zealand.

Training to be Agile

Agile Foundations

Explore the big ideas at the heart of Agile, learn how to manage work efficiently as part of an Agile team and walk away with an ICAgile Professional Certification.

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Agile Team Facilitation

We’ll introduce you to a wide variety of facilitation and coaching techniques – and become a superior Agile Facilitator. Team Facilitator is the ICAgile’s version of the Scrum Master Certification.

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Agile Basics

A half or one-day course ideal for boards, exec teams, managers and stakeholders – as an Agile refresher or as a starting point for those who need to know what’s going on with teams in their organisation.

Dynamic Teaming and Re-Teaming with Self-Selection

Design more efficient Agile teams in a quick, safe way following a proven process. You’ll work with the people who literally wrote the book on Self- Selection: Us.

Agile Leadership

When you use Agile principles to manage your team, you’re on your way to becoming a great people leader. Practical and relevant to anyone transforming their organization with Agile, or looking to enhance their skills in leadership.

Designing High-Performance Teams

Future leaders, learn how to enhance collaboration through knowledge of Self-Selection, Sociocracy and Distributed Leadership

Kanban Foundations

The principles and concepts of Lean and Kanban allow you to manage your team’s or organisation’s workflow more efficiently and effectively.