Remote Work

It's the present, it's the future - remote working is here to stay. We can help you be good at it!

Remote Work

Nomad8 as a Service

Nomad8 has been a remote business from the get-go. We know what it's like to work from places all over the world and to deal with a variety of time zones and setups. We have figured out which tools work, how to collaborate effectively and how to run kick-arse remote meetings. Let us help you succeed!

Distributed Working Jumpstart

Accelerate working as a distributed team by setting things up right from the start. Learn tools for planning your work, synchronising your team and having great processes in place. Nomad8 can help you stay in touch while avoiding Zoom fatigue and meeting overload! Great for team members and leaders.

Facilitation as a Service (FaaS)

You used to workshop the big stuff - product strategy, big room planning and all hands on deck meetings. Now you are remote and things are a lot harder. Get a professional facilitator from Nomad8 to run your collaborative workshop of up to 100 people.

Design Sprint

Design Sprints are a great way to answer questions your organisation has when a lot is at stake, you are short on time, and the way forward is unclear. Typically they demand a group of people getting together in a room for 4-5 days, but the same challenges exist for distributed and remote teams. Nomad8 can facilitate remote Design Sprints using a mix of online and offline workshops.

Product Discovery

Using a collection of tried and tested tools and techniques, Nomad8 can help you deep-dive in to the problems you want to solve for your customers and discover the most important things your teams should be working on right now.

Team Self-Selection

Self-selection is the simplest, fastest and most efficient way to form agile teams Follow in the footsteps of companies from all over the world - including The Iconic, Trade Me, MailChimp, GoToMeeting, Riot Games, Spotify, Campaign Monitor, HBC Digital and many others and let us help you to run a fully remote team self-selection.

Team Liftoff

Suddenly distributed with your new(ish) agile team? You were going well before being remote but now the cracks are starting to show. You had no idea how hard this was going to be! A team liftoff can help: a gentle reset, new working agreements and a personal Agile coach to guide you during the next steps.

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It's the present, it's the future - remote working is here to stay. Let us help you be good at it!

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