Business Agility Assessments

Assessments are based on the Domains of Business Agility, a robust framework for assessing Agility health in an organisation. The Domains of Business Agility come from the Business Agility Institute and provide a model for moving forward. Tailored specifically for your organisation - these are the freshest ideas for Agile thinking and transforming your business.

Business Agility Assessments

An Agility health check for your organisation

If you aren't sure exactly where things are at with your organisation and where to go next, or you can't put your finger on what might be the main problem with a team, or you want to develop a roadmap for introducing Agile that is achievable and measurable ... a Business Agility assessment is a comprehensive health check that give you the data you need to see where you are, and a plan to leap ahead.

We will provide honest feedback, real recommendations and data which can be used to monitor your Agile journey.

Business Agility Assessment

Using the framework of the Domains of Business Agility we will spend some time talking to people across your organisation and develop a picture of where you are at - from the board, to partners, to the workforce.

We provide a report - or health check radar - that benchmarks you against other similar organisations from around the world. It also benchmarks you for the future - you can see exactly which areas you need to work on and what you need to do to improve.

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