Agile Testing

Learn what an agile testing mindset is and how it can benefit your whole team. In this workshop you will learn 5 key principles that will level up your team. It is for whole teams, to help them grasp the principles and adopt an agile mindset.

Agile Testing

And is it worth it?

We all know mindsets are hard to change, and this is no different. What are the benefits of moving to a more agile testing approach?

  • You can save time and money by preventing bugs rather than only finding them at the end, by involving testers right from the start of the process.
  • You can have happier more engaged team members by getting rid of error prone and boring manual regression testing, by having your testers and developers pair to create automated regression tests.
  • You can delight customers by making sure you aren’t just building what they asked for, but also something that will add value for them.
  • You can improve your team’s velocity by removing test bottlenecks and fixing defects immediately.
Agile Testing Workshop

We will work though some scenarios and teach your team a number of simple but valuable techniques to help prevent bugs and dramatically increase the quality of your products.

This is a 4 hour workshop, for a maximum of 10 people.

It is aimed at teams that are working in an agile way already. If your team isn’t working in an agile way, then we should chat first to see what would be a fit.

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