Building the Right Thing

Our coaches draw from the world’s best design thinking, UX, service design, Agile and product development practices and will help you focus your efforts where it matters. The mindset, tools and techniques are readily applicable whether you're creating a product or a service.

Design Sprints

Design Sprints are a great way to answer questions your organisation has when a lot is at stake, you are short on time, and the way forward is unclear. Typically they demand a group of people getting together in a room for 4-5 days, but the same challenges exist for distributed and remote teams. Nomad8 can facilitate in person and remote Design Sprints using a mix of online and offline workshops.

Project Inception

Before you start your Agile project, it’s important to have a shared understanding of both step-by-step goals and clearly defined outcomes. We’ll help you begin your project with an series of Agile Project Inception workshops to guide you from idea to first planned release.

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At Nomad8 we’ve helped organisations like the Warehouse, Trade Me, Xero and ACC innovate and to successfully kick-off their Agile projects. If you're interested in Agile product development get in touch!

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