AgileWelly: Is individual performance irrelevant?

Tue, Mar 01, 2022

This is an AgileWelly event. Talk starts at 5.30pm, and Zoom will be opened just prior to this. We’ll be wrapping up around 6.30/6.45pm.

Talk overview:
Why is it that we are still obsessed with the performance of the individual in our modern team-based organisations? Shouldn’t we measure and compare teams instead?

Not for the sake of competing, but to learn from each other.

In this thought provoking AgileWelly talk Sandy Mamoli claims that the way we measure, assess, evaluate and reward individual performance is no longer relevant in the modern workplace.

This is a free event. You can book your spot here.

Sandy Mamoli

Sandy Mamoli is a former Olympian, international keynote speaker on Collaboration, High-Performance and Individual Team Skills. She is the co-author of „Creating Great Teams – How Self-Selection Lets People Excel“.