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Splitting a User Story along Acceptance Criteria

Oct 27, 2012  ·  Anthony Boobier

When breaking down a large user story to ensure it is sized appropriately, the default is to use Richard Lawrence’s excellent 9 Patterns for splitting a user story. I also use an additional approach; in the first instance I look to see whether it can be split along its acceptance criteria. Every goo... continue reading

Evolving the Story map

Sep 04, 2012  ·  Mike Lowery

I can't say enough about how useful story maps are and how essential they are on any Agile project. Jeff Pattonis the undisputed (certainly in my mind) master of the story map and it's well worth looking at the materials on his site. Jeff summarises a story map as, "A prioritized user story backlog... continue reading

It might look like rapids, but it's still a waterfall

Jul 02, 2012  ·  Mike Lowery

This is my second post in my Scrum coaching patterns series. In my last post I asked for some help with a pattern format that I could follow and at least one person must have read my blog as I now have a shiny new format to follow thanks to Gareth Evans for this. This is based on Linda Rising and Li... continue reading

The document dilemma

Jul 20, 2011  ·  Mike Lowery

The Agile manifesto states “Working software over comprehensive documentation” – this seems to be one of the biggest mindset shifts that organisations need to make when adopting any Agile framework. For some people that simple statement brings up visions of chaos, lack of control, and the worst fea... continue reading

Acceptance Criteria and the Definition of Done

Aug 18, 2010  ·  Sandy Mamoli

Recently some of the teams I’m coaching found it difficult to distinguish between acceptance criteria for user stories and the definition of done. Here’s my attempt to make the distinction clear: For a user story or feature to be "potentially shippable" it needs to meet the expectations of the Prod... continue reading

On Acceptance criteria for user stories

May 09, 2010  ·  Sandy Mamoli

One of the teams I have recently coached quickly got a grasp of how to phrase user stories but found it hard to relate to the concept of acceptance criteria. I wrote this short FAQ as an attempt to make it easier for my team to work with acceptance criteria and hope that other teams might find this... continue reading

How story points work

Aug 05, 2009  ·  Sandy Mamoli

One of my clients is a small software development house that does custom development in the form of development projects for clients . I helped them to successfully introduce Agile (Scrum with XP) and both the team and business managers are really happy with it. As they liked our methods of plannin... continue reading