Agile: A Continuation, Not a Conclusion

Sep 15, 2023  ·  Sandy Mamoli

With the rapid pace of transformation in technology and work culture, it's challenging to predict what the future holds. It's clear, though, that new ways of working are emerging and they're here to stay. This workshop, based on Jim Highsmith's book "Wild West to Agile", attempts to do exactly that.... continue reading

Six Timeless Lessons from Agile Australia 2023

Aug 26, 2023  ·  David Mole

Agile Australia continues to be a world leading conference, and having just unpacked our suitcases from our trip to Sydney, I am excited to share a tapestry of thoughts that we've woven together into six takeaways and insights. The conference was headlined by outstanding speakers including Steve Den... continue reading

How to sabotage your agility in 5 simple steps

May 30, 2023  ·  Harry Tucker

Are you bombarded by books and articles that exist to help you improve yourself? Are you exasperated by talks from agile thought leaders about helping you become a better agile practitioner? Are you tired of going 'on a journey' and want to stop and set up camp right where you are? If you answered y... continue reading

The rise and rise of Quarterfall

May 05, 2023  ·  Tony O'Halloran

During the year of 2017 I broke five bones (3 ribs, my collarbone and my wrist) all on separate occasions. I ride mountain bikes often (or at least I did until I recently had twins) and I love riding the steep, technical and rooty trails that Wellington NZ has in abundance.... continue reading

How to sabotage your teams in 5 simple steps

May 05, 2023  ·  Harry Tucker

Are you tired of endless articles and books about how to create strong and healthy team cultures, cultivating environments where individuals have the support and freedom to do their best work, or tips on building high performing teams? If you answered yes to at least one of the above, then I have th... continue reading

The delusion of Healthy Tensions

Apr 13, 2023  ·  Tony O'Halloran

Every organisation I’ve ever worked with has suffered from ‘healthy tensions’ between roles turned nasty in one form or another. I’ve seen them lead to interpersonal conflict, team dysfunction, silos and productivity grinding to a halt. In general - bad outcomes all round.... continue reading

Assumptions Mapping in Procurement

Mar 23, 2023  ·  Anthony Boobier

Assumptions, we all make them; the things that we take to be true without having the evidence to back it up. It can be all too easy, when faced with uncertainty and deadlines, to feel pressured into making quick decisions without that evidence; taking shortcuts by doing things the way we’ve always d... continue reading

#JAFAC2023 was wonderful!

Mar 09, 2023  ·  Brenda Leeuwenberg

One of the highlights of the Nomad8 calendar is always #JAFAC. Where we create and curate the conference we want to attend, and then relish the opportunity to share it with the Agile community. So it was especially exciting to be able to run the conference again after a 3 year break. It felt differe... continue reading

Creating High Performance Teams on Remote:af

Feb 18, 2023  ·  Sandy Mamoli

I had the great pleasure to talk to Tony Ponton in this episode of Remote:af. Tony is a former radio host and it shows! In this episode, I talk about my background as a professional athlete and software developer, and how comparing my experience as a team athlete with individual sports such as Cros... continue reading

Case Study - Breaking Down Silos and Boosting Delivery

Dec 15, 2022  ·  Sandy Mamoli

The Challenge The IS team (Gallagher) had a hard time planning and working together effectively with other key stakeholders. Their existing governance process had only executive stakeholders, so communication and collaboration between team members wasn't so good, which made their work disjointed and... continue reading

Story Mapping agile roles

Nov 21, 2022  ·  Anthony Boobier

The problem: I often struggle with clarifying expectations; where do you start, where do you stop? Teams often end up with too much or too little detail and big gaps in what people actually do. The solution: story map your expectations I wanted something that would give my sessions a structured fr... continue reading

An Above and Below the Line Model

Oct 01, 2022  ·  Anthony Boobier

An Above and Below the Line Model An organization’s culture is expressed through the sum of its language and behaviors. Negative behaviors have a palpable impact on teams and, in turn, the culture in which that team exists; one person belittling a colleague’s idea will make the recipient think again... continue reading