Everyone needs Kanbanfor1

Jul 11, 2016  ·  Sandy Mamoli

I've never met someone who doesn’t have a problem managing their time. We all wish there were more hours in the day! While we can’t add extra hours to the day, we can find ways to be more effective with the time we have. Experience and research show that the best way to do this is to: stop multi-tas... continue reading

Personal Kanban as an Organisational Lens

Apr 19, 2016  ·  Sandy Mamoli

One of the most useful tools when introducing Agile into an organisation is personal Kanban. It gives me unique insights into an organisation's culture and values, and helps me determine my next steps. As an Agile coach, the process of getting people into personal Kanban facilitates insights into ho... continue reading

Agile Australia 2013

Jun 22, 2013  ·  Sandy Mamoli

Last week Jan, Mike, Anthony and I were at Agile Australia in Sydney and had an incredibly good time. The conference turned Twitter handles into people, exposed me to TimTam slams, and taught me that Beyond Budgeting is not a boring accounting thing but a riveting management philosophy. I presented... continue reading

Personal Kanban at work

Feb 11, 2013  ·  Sandy Mamoli

When we introduced Scrum and Kanban to our teams the most loved addition to our way of working were visual workspaces. Our shared visual workspace We found it tremendously helpful to make our tasks visible though post-it notes, to visualise our workflow and to make sure that we didn't do too many... continue reading

Taking Personal Kanban to the World

Jul 08, 2012  ·  Brenda Leeuwenberg

Round 2! All is not lost. Moving right along from the children’s book publishing no-go concept, on which I spent a fair amount of time planning and preparing, startup idea #2 is already out the door and up and running in less than a month. Stemming from an initiative that emerged at Snapper while Sa... continue reading

Visual Workspaces: Kanban for one

Jun 08, 2011  ·  Sandy Mamoli

One of the things that immediately caught on when we started our journey towards being Agile at Snapper was the use of visual workspaces. The team loved the sense of achievement of moving a task from "In Progress" to "Done" and found the board helped them stay focused and co-ordinated. Everyone from... continue reading