Does Your Backlog Suck? Kanban Can Help

Oct 12, 2019  ·  Damian Brown

Agile backlogs can be both a blessing and a curse. On the one hand we have a list of things we need to do that is ever-evolving. It is potentially estimated and may have detail where required for the next few stories. It is possibly prioritised. On the other hand having something on a backlog can se... continue reading

Is Kanban genuinely an alternative path to Agility?

Aug 13, 2019  ·  Damian Brown

New Zealand has become a hotbed for Agile, especially in the software sector and especially with the use of Scrum. But is there an alternative to the use of Scrum to enable Agility? Kanban promotes itself as an alternative path to Agility, but is that a fact or just fiction? My experience and view... continue reading