Case Study - Breaking Down Silos and Boosting Delivery

Case studies.

Dec 15, 2022  ·  Sandy Mamoli

Case studies

The Challenge

The IS team (Gallagher) had a hard time planning and working together effectively with other key stakeholders. Their existing governance process had only executive stakeholders, so communication and collaboration between team members wasn't so good, which made their work disjointed and hard to keep track of. As an enabler for multiple teams they were struggling to prioritise hundreds of projects across five business units. They knew that if they could get everyone working together better and streamline their processes, they'd be more successful.

In addition, the IS team was on a “Better Ways of Working” journey and were new to Agile practices. They needed coaching to introduce new concepts and practices that would help them deliver value faster. As their Agile coach, I worked closely with teams and leaders to help them adapt to new ways of working and understand how to apply Agile principles and practices.

The Solution

To help facilitate collaboration and effective delivery among teams, we ran a quarterly planning process for IS. By bringing together multiple teams, stakeholders, and partners in a single room, communication barriers were broken down and everyone gained a shared understanding of the overall goals and objectives.

I collaborated closely with the teams and leadership, working with them to identify their challenges and co-create a plan for improvements. We increased the visibility of our progress for both teams and stakeholders, as well as clarifying and aligning our rules of engagement with external parties.

To improve delivery of customer value, we co-designed a structure and process with the team to ensure each team works in the most effective way possible. Our approach focussed on enhancing communication, coordination, and collaboration among teams. Ultimately, the IS solution aimed to manage various types of work efficiently, delivering better outcomes for customers.

The Outcome

Through our efforts, we've made significant improvements to work practices, communication, and collaboration among stakeholders. This has enabled teams to experiment with new practices and further enhance their work experience. As a result, the company is now working smarter, not harder. Overall, the improved planning and collaboration have helped IS boost the delivery of customer value.

At Nomad8, we believe that effective planning and collaboration are vital for the success of any project or business. Our coaches work collaboratively with teams to develop and implement customised solutions that align with the unique needs of each client.

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