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Nomad8. Restless wanderers of the Agile lands since 2008.

The Agile Community is a light-footed, tightly wound group of experts that spans oceans, languages and political leanings. Nomad8 has been a part of this community since the beginning, our people present and lead Agile campaigns throughout the world.


Find out where we’ll be speaking, or which conferences we’ll be attending. Meet us in Europe, the US, Australia or New Zealand.

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Agile Christchurch

Tony O'Halloran will be presenting at Agile Christchurch on Feb 22.
“I know better”, “That’s not how it's done in Agile” and other signs you may be wasting your time…"

Agile Hawkes Bay

Sandy Mamoli and Anthony Boobier will be presenting here on Feb 28.

Business Agility - NYC

Sandy Mamoli will be presenting at the Business Agility Conference in New York - March 13-14.
Distributed Leadership - Holacracy for Humans

Agile India 2019

Ant Boobier will be presenting at Agile India on March 18-23.
All track development - (or how we dropped the collective ego and created a product playbook!)

Business Agility - Vienna

We'll be taking part in the Business Agility conference in Vienna on May 16-18.


Just Another F&$king Agile Breakfast is a monthly event in Wellington and Auckland that is organised by passionate agilists who want to keep the buzz of JAFAC happening between events. We organise ourselves on Slack. If you’d like to be part of it flick us an email.

JAFAB - I'm in! Tell me more.


Just Another F&$king Agile Conference is a small but powerful collection of ten speakers followed by a day of open space. JAFAC is about exploring Agile. Pushing the boundaries of where Agile can be. In different industries, and across organisations. Looking inside and outside the realm of technology and seeing where there are possibilities.

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Coaching Circles

A facilitated gathering of peers that exist to learn from one another by sharing and coaching / getting coaching from one another under the guidance of an experienced Nomad8 coach.

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