All our training courses are in-house and we schedule them on demand anywhere in New Zealand. Please get in touch if you’re interested.

Agile Foundations

Find out about the big ideas at the heart of Agile, learn how to manage work efficiently as part of an Agile team, and walk away with an ICAgile Professional certification.

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Leadership for the future: Learn how to collaborate better with practices from Self-Selection, Sociocracy and Distributed Leadership.

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Agile Team Facilitation

Get an introduction to a wide variety of facilitation and coaching techniques and become a better Agile facilitator. The Team Facilitator is the ICAgile’s version of the Scrum Master certification.

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Use Agile principles to manage your team—and become a great people leader.

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Manage your team or organisation’s workflow more effectively using the principles and concepts of Lean and Kanban.

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Dynamic Teaming and Re-Teaming with Self-selection

Design more efficient agile teams, in a quick and safe way by following a proven process established by the Nomads who have literally written the book.

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