Dynamic teaming with Self-Selection

Learn how to safely team and re-team with Agile teams that pick themselves

Self-Selection creates more efficient teams of happier people. Learn how to run your own self-selection event and how to overcome the roadblocks to self-selection nirvana.

Looking for the best way to organise small teams that can be truly productive? Self-selection is the simplest, fastest and most efficient way to form agile teams, based on the belief that people are happier and harder working if they can choose what they work on and who they work with.

Follow in the footsteps of companies from all over the world including The Iconic, GoToMeeting, Campaign Monitor, Opower, Discovery, Australia Post, HBC Digital and many others, and find out about the ideas and theories behind this exciting new approach to team creation. Learn a repeatable process to establish happier, more effective teams. Discover why self-selection is the best method of team design, and how to manage sticky questions and uncertainty when it comes to running your own self-selection event.

Learn from the people who literally wrote the book on the subject and find out what they’ve learnt from more than two year’s experience running self-selection events in large organisations.

Course length

1 day


What you’ll learn

  • Run your own self-selection events
  • Explain why self-selection is the best way to ensure the best team design
  • Describe a tried and tested process for self-selection that scales to hundreds of people
  • Anticipate and address people’s questions and concerns before asking them to self-select into teams
  • Create a plan that includes a number of pre-requisites for self-selection success.


What People Said

“It would have taken days, lots of hemming and hawing, 1×1 and then group meetings to get to the same result using the traditional ‘manager selection based on feedback from their direct reports’ approach. And we even got a much better result since everyone is totally excited about the squad they selected and feel it was their choice. Brilliant!!” — Jody Weir, Head of Agility, The Iconic

“Sandy and David’s method is radical in that it upends the traditional role managers have in hiring and selecting people for teams. It’s utterly un-radical in that it shows a practical way forward – based on what researchers have known for years. The opposite of managerial team selection isn’t chaos. It’s commitment, creativity, and engagement.” — Esther Derby, co-Author of “Agile Retrospectives: Making Good Teams Great” and “Behind Closed Doors: Secrets of Great Management”


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