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Kanbanfor1 SnowflakeFolding boardFolding boardKanbanfor1 SnowflakeFolding boardFolding boardFolding boardFolding boardStanding boardStanding boardStanding board

Snowflake folding or standing board



Product Description

This cool board gives you a visual overview of your to do list so you can track your progress.


Choose from either a folding or standing board.


Folding board: 

  • Made of long-lasting laminated cardboard.
  • A3 size when open.
  • A4 size when folded—similar to a closed laptop.
  • Includes a set of sticky notes to get you started.


Standing board:

  • Made of robust corrugated plastic board.
  • Dimensions: 30x38cm.
  • Comes with a sturdy built-in stand.
  • Includes a set of sticky notes to get you started.


We also make branded boards. Talk to us about what you’d like.


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Additional Information

Board type

Folding, Standing


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