Portfolio Kanban talk

Here are the slides for my presentation “Portfolio Kanban – Seeing the Bigger Picture”.

I had a great time at AgileWelly last night – thanks everyone for coming along and for all the lovely feedback!

Here’s the blurb for my talk:

Doing too many things at once can slow an entire organisation down. As every successful organisation will have more great ideas than they have capacity to build, it is tempting to start too many of them at the same time. However, too many projects in progress will slow down delivery of each and every one of them.

So, how can we make sure we work to our organisational capacity and don’t try to do too much? How do we make sure we’re working on the important and not just the urgent stuff?  This is where Portfolio Kanban can help: In this session we will explore how Portfolio Kanban can help an organisation prioritise, plan and visually track its projects.

Through the example of Trade Me I will demonstrate the practical application of Portfolio Kanban. I will explore how Trade Me have benefitted from the increased visibility and reduced work in progress, and how they are using Portfolio Kanban to direct the organisation’s Agile teams. Come along and enjoy tales of our successes, challenges and struggles on our (still continuing) journey towards awesome portfolio management.


If you’d like to see this talk live at your organisation please feel free to get in touch. I live in Wellington, New Zealand but sometimes I travel.


Sandy Mamoli