Our values and ground rules

What is Nomad8

Nomad8 is a home for consultants. We share everything and we help each other. We learn from each other and we’ve got each other’s backs. We are each other’s work family.


We don’t have a shareholder model or owners who can get rich through other people’s work. Nomad8 as a company is not set up to make money – people who do the work directly take the majority of what they earn.


We work with clients who we like and respect. We choose clients we wish to help and whose potential we can see. We love to help them create fun, playful, creative, collaborative and disciplined Agile teams and work places. We never work over capacity and we refer clients who don’t share our values to other consultancies.


How it works

None of us are employed by Nomad8. We simply don’t want to deal with the hassle of employing and managing people so we all run as either sole contractors or companies in the background.


As a general rule people keep the majority of the money they make. If they work a lot they make a lot, if they work less they make less.


People usually find their own work but we make sure that we all have interesting and fulfilling work to do and we share the good stuff and the tough stuff. We’ve got each others’ backs.


We see being part of Nomad8 as a privilege, and we all leave a small percentage of our monthly income in the company. In addition there is a monthly subsidy. Regard it as kind of a membership fee.


This money covers some of the costs of running Nomad8, but also compensates the owners for the time that goes into keeping things humming, which is effectively time they can’t be doing chargeable work.


Values and ground rules

The values of Nomad8 manifest in various aspects of the way we work, communicate, and go about our daily lives. They include:


We are selective about our clients.

  • check out any unknown potential clients before committing
  • discuss opportunities with the group to get others’ experience and input
  • we will not put ourselves or each other into toxic situations


We will communicate with each other.

  • send updates about what’s happening
  • ask for help or input as soon as you know you need it
  • talk about successes and failures openly


We will make ourselves available to each other.

  • invest time in ourselves as a company
  • nobody works 40 hours/week all the time
  • help each other out where possible – and flag if that’s not working


How we work with each other

  • If you say you’ll do something, do it.
  • Say no if you can’t.
  • If things change let everyone know.
  • Be explicit! If you want someone to do something, let them know that’s your expectation. Ask for takers.
  • If you want something to happen, organise it. e.g. breakfast – “I’ll be here, who’s in?” – organise around yourself

We should never be average!

We share our Intellectual Property

  • share presentations, courses, documents, ideas
  • can use each other’s anecdotes and content – on an “ask first” basis


We decide together whether someone can join

  • adding people or removing them need to be unanimous decisions
  • we only add people who at least one of us has worked with in the part or are well known with a good reputation (we wouldn’t turn down Henrik Kniberg)
  • in the event of a split vote on anything, the owners have a casting vote


Managing interest in Nomad8 from other people

  • when do we consider bringing someone into the group?
  • at least one person in the group has had to have worked with them, or someone we know or trust has worked with them, or
  • they have an internationally sound reputation
  • if you like someone, introduce them to the others
  • everyone has to agree