My Portfolio Kanban Talk on InfoQ

My Agile Australia and Agile 2014 talk “Portfolio Kanban – Seeing the Bigger Picture” just got published on InfoQ.


In this talk I explain how you can use Portfolio Kanban to reduce Work in Progress (WIP) by prioritising projects, focusing on the important rather than urgent ones.


InfoQ Portfolio Kanban talk


Jenga Portfolio Kb shiny_new_thing

And if you’d like to read the Agile 2014 Orlando White Paper about this talk you can download it here.


Sandy Mamoli
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  • Great insight on WIP limits in that presentation. Our greatest pitfall of Kanban implementation was focusing on the adhoc urgent tasks. Our main tasks and projects were delayed, and we were close to switching to Scrum, but fortunatelly managed to adjust it properly and we are just increasing in our performance since then. Proper digital solutions also help in achieving efficient workflow.

    Rob Kincy

    March 9, 2015 at 9:14 pm

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