Most popular posts in 2012

In the spirit of closing 2012 in style here are our  6 most popular blog posts written in 2012:

  1. Should this project be Agile? (Sandy)
  2. Taking Personal Kanban to the World (Brenda)
  3. Organisational Change with the Mikado Method (Sandy)
  4. Evolving the Story Map (Mike)
  5. Personal Kanban as a Coaching Tool (Sandy)
  6. The non-challenging Scrum Master (Mike)

And while I’m at it here are the 6 most popular posts of all time:

  1. On Acceptance Criteria for User Stories
  2. Acceptance Criteria and the Definition of Done
  3. Visual Workspaces: Personal Kanban/Kanban for 1
  4. Exploring Servant Leadership
  5. A 5-Why Root Cause Analysis Retrospective
  6. When the Coach Needs to Go


Sandy Mamoli
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