Kanbanfor1 is a simple hands-on tool to help you Get Shit Done, one thing at a time.


What’s Kanbanfor1?

Kanbanfor1 board with diary and computer.

Kanbanfor1 gives you a visual overview of your to do list. The system of board and sticky notes helps you keep an eye on your progress and get visibility over what you’re actually achieving.


By tracking your tasks from idea to completion, you’ll become more organised, more efficient and more productive.


Don’t multi-task

Multi-tasking is, if not exactly evil, at least majorly inefficient. Studies have shown that each time we switch tasks we lose up to 20% of our working time and fidelity on each project—slowing us down physically and mentally.


Organisations and teams use methods like Agile and Lean to prevent multitasking and limit their work in progress. Kanbanfor1 is the logical extension of this, bringing the power of single-tasking to your personal workload.


How to use Kanbanfor1board


  • Set up your board.
  • Write your tasks on sticky notes—one note for each task.
  • Move your sticky notes along the board as you work on and complete each task.
  • Luxuriate in the knowledge of your awesomeness as your pile of completed tasks grows.


You can use Kanbanfor1 at home or at work—whether you’re planning a trip, writing a book, or just trying to manage your work tasks better! It’s also great when used with other productivity techniques, which we call multitooling.


Watch Sandy explain the principles behind Kanbanfor1 and find out more about how it works.



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