Kanban Foundations

Manage your team or organisation’s workflow more effectively using the principles and concepts of Lean and Kanban.

Looking for a better way to manage your team or organisation’s workflow? This introductory course will show you how to use Kanban and Lean to manage your tasks and workflow more effectively, reducing your delivery cycle and increasing efficiency.


Boost your Scrum team’s current practices, or increase the productivity of just about any team. Get the skills to plan and manage your backlog of tasks, and learn how to create a visual map of your work—helping you get a handle on what needs to be done and in what order.


You’ll learn through discussion, presentations, hands-on exercises and practical activities from experienced trainers who are well-versed in Lean and Kanban. Much of the course is built around a full Kanban simulation game so you’ll be learning by doing.

The details

The nitty gritty—good for filling out those pesky personal development forms.





Course length

1 day


Course focus

Using Kanban to manage the work of your team and organisation


Who it’s for

  • Anyone who’d like to start managing their work using Kanban, at a team or organisational level
  • Scrum teams who want to boost their current practices by adding Lean and Kanban principles to their current process


What you’ll learn

By the end of the course, you’ll be able to:

  • Effectively plan and manage your team’s backlog of tasks
  • Visualise and manage your team’s and organisation’s workflow
  • Reduce delivery risk and increase efficiency by managing your work in progress limit (WIP)
  • Measure and track cycle and lead time for your work items
  • Use Kanban and Lean as a framework for continuous improvement
  • Have effective tools for how to deal with bottlenecks
  • Introduce Kanban principles and practices to boost productivity of traditional and Agile teams.


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