Finding it hard to visualise improvement ideas?… Try idea balloons!

Are you tired of capturing ideas and experiments that come out of your retrospectives only to forget about them after a couple of days? Do your improvement ideas get lost in waves of sticky-notes and hand drawn diagrams?
Try idea balloons! Idea balloons are a way of keeping your ideas and agreements visible at all times.
Write what you want to do on a balloon, add helium, …et voila. A reminder of your agreements.

Idea balloons

Here’s how they work:

  1. Pick the top three ideas you want to focus on
  2. Grab a sharpie and write each idea on a balloon
  3. Add helium to you balloon (available at any petrol station)
  4. Attach the balloons to your visual workspace

Pop the balloon when the idea has become a habit or didn’t work out.

Protip: Close the balloons properly or the helium will escape leaving your ideas sad and deflated :-)

On our balloons: Experiment with WIP limits, swarm more and a secret habit. What are yours?

(Thanks for the idea to Nickle Lu and the Dealer Wheeler squad).


Sandy Mamoli