Designing High-Performance Teams

Leadership for the future: Learn how to collaborate better with practices from Self-Selection, Sociocracy and Distributed Leadership.

Increased complexity and rapid technological change require organisations to collaborate better. To succeed today we need to make faster and better decisions, increase autonomy and distribute leadership across the organisation. The networked organisation is one of this century’s mega-trends and self-organising, semi-autonomous teams driven by a strong purpose underpin these organisations and are crucial to their success.


In this fast-paced workshop we will look into how we can collaborate better by utilising ideas and practices from Team Self-Selection, Sociocracy, and distributed leadership.


Learn from trainers who are amongst New Zealand’s most experienced and well-respected; trainers who practice everything they teach and have literally written the book on Team Self-Selection.


You’ll learn through hands-on exercises, practical activities, discussion and presentations—and during the workshop we’ll help you find ways to apply what you’re learning to your everyday work life.

Course length

1 day


What you’ll learn

  • Teams, the foundation of the networked organisation
  • How to implement hierarchy of purpose not people
  • Designing great teams through self-selection
  • The structure of high-performance teams: Roles over job descriptions and titles
  • Decision making by consent


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