David Mole

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Agile Coach, Agile Trainer and Presenter at Agile2014, Agile2015 US conferences and Agile Australia 2015.

David is three and a half years into his very own New Zealand Agile Project (or Sprint 91 for anyone who works that way!). After several years in the Sports Betting and Poker industry across the UK and Gibraltar, he moved to the other side of the world in search of adventure and new experience.

Converting to Agile many years ago now, after a particularly arduous waterfall project to redesign a humongous website he stumbled across new and innovative ways to break big problems into smaller ones, speak to real customers and deliver value early. Here in New Zealand, David worked over several years at Trade Me to build a very cool Agile team and worked closely with Sandy Mamoli to introduce Spotify’s squad model, self-selecting teams, Scrum, Kanban and along the way joining some of the brightest tech talent in New Zealand on an exciting Agile journey.

He often loses on the football pitch, wins at poker tables and take every opportunity to injure himself creatively.

Writing: 10 things we learned at Agile2014

Presenting: ‘Drive: How we used Daniel Pink’s work to create a happier, more motivated workplace’ Agile2015, Agile Australia

David Mole