Business Modelling

The team from Bright Ideas Challenge have put together an excellent resource list for anyone starting off on the great startup journey. Last year I was not quite prepared enough to get through their process, hopefully this year I’ll have my plans in better shape. They were extremely helpful in the brief interaction I did have and look to provide valuable support to entrepreneurs and businesses getting underway.
I have to say though I struggle to get past the sheer awfulness of this presentation from one of their experts – in terms of layout, design and conveying information it’s hard to give credibility to someone who so blatantly misses the mark of how to present information. To be fair he does a better job in person than via powerpoint … but still.

However what I am excited about is what seems like a fantastic resource: the Business Model Generation iPad toolbox app and book. I’m really looking forward to working with the iPad Toolbox app, which seems to do everything I need to start off my planning, it’s pared the process back to clean and simple, has clear guidelines and excellent online help and the book is well written, informative and relevant to our times. I’ll keep you posted!


Brenda Leeuwenberg