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Happy New Year from Nomad8

Thank you for being part of our extended whanau, friends and partners this past year! We’ve had a hugely busy and exciting year and we thought we’d jump on the newsletter bandwagon and tell you about a few of the things we’ve been doing.   Nomads Emigrate, Immigrate...

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Successfully Teleported

Part of this fabulous deal with Telecom and the Galaxy Note II is that I switch to the Telecom network. I’ve been with Vodafone forever, it kind of goes along with being a Mac user, a Lambretta driver, a non-mainstream kinda girl. However Vodafone recently dropped my 3Gb data limit to 256MB for no apparent reason (I suspect I’d been left with a promotion for a bit too long and then they realised) and that proved a bit hard to live with. So switch I did and it was painless and good.

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Passion as a Priority


The driving force behind why people start startups is likely to vary wildly across different industries and types of business. For many it’s the promise of lucrative return – from sales of product or selling their eventual company. For some it’s the burning desire to fill a perceived gap in the market – ‘if I want this, surely 3 million other people will want one too’. Perhaps for others it’s curiosity, or a need to be in charge of their own destiny, or all of the above.

Business Modelling

The team from Bright Ideas Challenge have put together an excellent resource list for anyone starting off on the great startup journey. Last year I was not quite prepared enough to get through their process, hopefully this year I’ll have my plans in better shape. They were extremely helpful in the brief interaction I did have and look to provide valuable support to entrepreneurs and businesses getting underway.
I have to say though I struggle to get past the sheer awfulness of this presentation from one of their experts – in terms of layout, design and conveying information it’s hard to give credibility to someone who so blatantly misses the mark of how to present information. To be fair he does a better job in person than via powerpoint … but still.

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What’s in a name?

The first big task of getting started is updating all the various bits of online information that describe who I am and what I do. So far I’ve kept my Facebook and Twitter presence to be fairly personal, so it’s not relevant there. But Linked In is a very important business marketing tool – not just for any relevant contacts to my new business, but also to maintain local and international networks and connections relevant to my recent or future work. Then there are business cards to be printed, blogs to update and an identity to create.

Choked at the first hurdle.