Agile Leadership

Use Agile principles to manage your team—and become a great people leader.

Are you a newly appointed manager in an Agile organisation? A seasoned manager in an organisation that’s transitioning to Agile? Perhaps you just want the opportunity to be the best leader you can be? This course will help you understand how to use Agile concepts and theories to successfully lead and manage super teams.


Learn about the history and theories that lie behind common management practices and find out how these approaches are evolving.  Discover how to maintain your people’s engagement and motivation, balance empowerment and delegation, and set aspirational yet achievable goals.


Get the skills to set up successful teams, run great one-on-ones and create an environment that fosters continuous learning.


Through discussion, practical activities and hands-on exercises, you’ll be introduced to number of tools and techniques to help you become a truly effective Agile Manager.

The details

The nitty gritty—good for filling out those pesky personal development forms.





Course length

2 days


Course focus

Becoming a great Agile manager!


Who it’s for

  • Managers in Agile organisations
  • Any leader who wants to grow their management knowledge base.


What you’ll learn

At the end of the course, you’ll be able to:

  • Understand why many organisations are managed the way they are and the history and theories behind some management practices
  • Explain why high staff engagement leads to in higher productivity and how to cultivate a high-performing environment
  • Choose from a number of tools to measure job satisfaction and staff engagement
  • Set up teams for success from the moment they are formed
  • Balance and negotiate delegation, authorisation and empowerment
  • Run great one-on-one meetings
  • Set aspirational but achievable goals and measure progress in a meaningful way
  • Create a learning organisation where people continuously acquire new skills and competencies.


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